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SNBPC is a three-round competition. Each competitor is judged by at least two experienced and knowledgeable members of the business or academic community each round. Scoring will be based on the judges' criteria.

Round One: Executive Summaries

Any individual or company wishing to participate in the Competition must submit a 3-5 page executive summary outlining the key aspects of their business concept. All submissions are rated by at least two judges from the community and/or UNLV Lee Business School faculty. The highest rated summaries advance to the Finals.

Round Two: Business Plans

The five Semi-Finalists will go on to submit a full business plan, including financial projections, for review by an elite panel of judges comprised of professional investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors. Please keep in mind that Business Plans are limited to 45 pages total; a maximum of 30 pages for the body of the plan and an additional 15 pages for the appendices.

Round Three: Presentations

The five Finalist teams will revise their plans based on the judges feedback and present them on Friday, May 8, 2020. The winning plan will be the concept most likely to have the greatest economic impact, and will be announced at the pitch reception on May 8, 2020.

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